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Featured Sponsors

Bethany M.B. Church Jayess – 601-587-2469

Bethel Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-4661

Bible Church Silver Creek – 601-886-7666

Calvary Baptist Church Silver Creek – 601-886-7316

Calvary United Pentecostal Church Jayess – 601-823-6224

Carmel Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-7145

Charity Baptist Church Monticello – 601-669-2628

China Lee Baptist Church Silver Creek – 601-886-7860

Church of Christ Monticello Monticello – 601-587-2957

Coleman Chapel Church of God in Christ Silver Creek – 601-886-7200

Crooked Creek Baptist Church Silver Creek 601-886-7646

Divide Methodist Protestant Church Monticello – 601-587-0830

Fair Hill M.B. Church Oma – 601-587-3100

Faith Southern Baptist Church Silver Creek – 601-886-7816

Forest Grove Methodist Protestant Church Jayess

Foundation Ministries Monticello – 601-587-7909

Friendship Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-4269

Greater Mount Olive M.B. Church Oma – 601-587-0463

Hepzibah Baptist Church Silver Creek – 601-886-750

Holiness Church of God in Christ Silver Creek – 601-886-3224

Jayess Baptist Church Jayess – 601-833-7005

Monticello Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-2114

Monticello First Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-2558

Monticello Methodist Protestant Church Monticello – 601-587-2310

Monticello United Methodist Church Monticello – 601-587-2987

Monticello United Pentecostal Church Monticello – 601-587-7672

Mt. Pleasant M.B. Church Sontag – 601-587-7414

Mt. Zion Baptist Church Sontag – 601-587-1777

New Bethel Jesus Name Church Jayess

New Covenant Bible Church Silver Creek – 601-946-3247

New Hebron Baptist Church New Hebron – 601-694-2243

New Hebron Pentecostal Church New Hebron – 601-694-2569/601-694-2637

New Hebron United Methodist Church New Hebron

New Hope Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-2862

New Jerusalem Holiness Church Silver Creek

New Life Church of God of Prophecy Monticello – 601-587-0115

New Life Fellowship Baptist Church Monticello- 601-806-5029

New Life Fellowship Full Gospel Church Silver Creek- 601-886-0000

New Zion Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-7453

New Zion M.B. Church Oakvale – 601-736-8844

Nola Baptist Church Nola – 601-757-4555

North Pleasant Hill M.B. Church New Hebron – 601-694-2521

Oak Grove M.B. Church Monticello – 601-587-4560

Oak Grove United Pentecostal Church Jayess – 601-587-8211

Oakvale Baptist Church Oakvale – 601-736-4940

Old Silver Creek Baptist Church Silver Creek – 601-886-0068

Pearl River Valley Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-7925

Pen Oak M.B. Church Silver Creek – 601-886-3366

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Silver Creek – 601-886-7224

Powell’s Grove United Pentecostal Church Jayess – 601-587-7692

Providence Baptist Church Jayess – 601-833-3053

Quin Temple Church of God in Christ Monticello

Riverside Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-4271

Rocky Branch Baptist Church Monticello – 601-587-4326

Rose Hill M.B. Church Silver Creek – 601-886-7275

Salem M.B. Church Monticello – 601-587-7048

Sauls Valley Baptist Church Jayess – 601-587-4576

Seed Sower’s Church Monticello – 601-587-2515

Seed Sowers Monticello – 601-587-2515

Shady Grove Baptist Silver Creek – 601-886-7717

Shalom Baptist Church New Hebron

Shiloh Baptist Church Sontag – 601-587-7653

South Spring Hill M. B. Church Monticello – 601-587-8127

St. James M. B. Church Oma

St. Lawrence Catholic Church Monticello – 601-587-8017

St. Paul Baptist Church Silver Creek – 601-886-7314

Taylor Hill M. B. Church New Hebron – 601-847-2916

Tilton United Methodist Church Jayess – 601-587-4400

Topeka Baptist Church Jayess – 601-587-4195


Antioch Baptist Church Monticello – 601-833-7726

Silver Creek

Arm Baptist Church Silver Creek – 601-886-7644