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Monticello Elementary School Supply Lists

6 Packs of 8 Count Crayons
4 Glue Sticks
2 Packs of Markers
4 Twelve-Count Packs of Pencils
1 Pencil Pouch
1 Pair of Child Sized Scissors
2 Pairs of Headphones
2 Folders of Any Color with Prongs
2 Boxes of Tissue
4 Rolls of Paper Towels
1 Pack of Gallon Zip Lock Bags
Wish List Items:
Extra Headphones
Hand Sanitizer
Disinfectant Spray
Expo Markers
Extra Paper Towels and Tissues
1st Grade
1 Box (24 Count) of Crayons
1 Box (24 Count) of Ticonderoga Pencils
1 Two-Pocket Plastic Folder, Red
1 Two-Pocket Plastic Folder, Blue
1 Scissors
1 Glue Sticks (2 Count)
1 Zipper Pouch
3 Kleenex
1 GermX (12 oz.)
1 Lysol Wipes
2nd Grade
2 Boxes (24 Count) of Crayons
1 Box (24 Count) of Pencils
One 1/2-in. Binder
1 Scissors
1 Pack of Glue Sticks (2 Count)
1 Zipper Pouch
3 Boxes of Facial Tissue
1 GermX
1 Lysol Wipes
3rd Grade
1 Pack of Filler Paper
1 Pack of Dry Erase Markers
3 Boxes of Kleenex
2 Packs of Eraser Caps
One 24-Count Crayons (Crayola)
1 Pencil Pouch (not box)
2 Packs of 24-Count Pencils (Ticonderoga)
4 Plastic 3-Prong Folder (One of Each: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)
2 Packs of Red Pens
One 4-Pack of Highlighters
1 Ruler
1 Scissors
4 Glue Sticks
1 Watercolor Paint Set with Brush
**Please check with the teacher at Open House if binders and dividers are needed.
Supply Wish List
Paper Towels
Clorox Wipes
Ziploc Bags
Expo Markers
4th Grade
One 2-Inch Three Ring Binder with Pockets and Clear Front Sleeve
5 packs of Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (WIDE RULED- 100 sheets or more)
1 Pack of 5 Plastic Dividers with Pockets for Binder Notebook
72 #2 Pencils…Preferably Those Made in the USA (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS)
1 Three-Hole Zippered Pencil Pouch
1 Pack of 5 Highlighters
6 Plastic Three-Prong Folders with Pockets (Blue, Green, Red, Purple and 2 Yellow)
5 Large Pink Erasers
4 Packs of 10 RED Pens
1 Pack of Colored Pencils
2 Packs of 5 Dry Erase Markers
2 Marble Composition Books
1 Personal Set of Earbuds (to be replaced as needed)
1 Pair of Scissors
1 Clear Protractor
1 12” Ruler
Teach Wish List for Each Child
3 Clorox Wipes
2 Large Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
4 Boxes of Tissue- Any Brand
**Reminder: Keep receipts in case an item needs to be returned. Please be mindful that the teachers could ask for additional supplies throughout the year.