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Local gardeners enjoy long growing season

Booker Community Nutrition Garden and Westover Apartment Community Garden have had success with tomatoes, okra, watermelon, and pumpkins.
The Showers Garden of Oma has been successful with cucumbers, sweet potatoes, watermelon, pumpkins, okra, peppers, tomatoes, butterbeans, Irish potatoes, and peanuts that Booker T. Woodard planted during this hot summer. Because the month of September was the hottest in 140 years, the garden enjoyed a long growing season.
The Booker T. Woodard Community Garden is located at 157 Isaac Newsome Rd., Shivers Community, and the Showers Garden is located at 5363 Highway 27, Oma.
For more information on the gardens, call Woodard at 779-348-6748.