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County awards bids for debris monitoring and removal

by Tony Davis
In anticipation of receiving funds for further disaster cleanup in the county, Lawrence County Board of Supervisors received and opened bids for debris monitoring and debris removal in their June 15 meeting. Two bids were received for debris monitoring, and the contract was awarded to DebrisTech of Picayune.
Five bids were received for debris removal. After a lengthy analysis of the bids and discussion of the board’s point system for awarding bids, supervisors eventually voted to approve the bid of Looks Great Services of Columbia.
The county is still awaiting but anticipating disaster funding for the areas of New Hebron, North Pleasant Hill, Crooked Creek, and Oma.
County Engineer Jeff Dungan discussed what debris removal services do. They only work on right-of-ways, and he discussed what is or is not cut. He described what efforts are being made on River Road to maintain an attractive canopy for the historically designated road.
Lawrence County Community Development Coordinator Dave Nichols presented information from the United States Department of Agriculture concerning the former emu plant. The Lawrence County Community Development Association has been declared owner of several pieces of equipment at the former plant, including a walk-in cooler, a cargo van, a generator, and a dehydrator. Nichols said that the items, other than the generator, will be advertised and put up for bids.
An individual has shown interest in leasing or buying the former emu plant, and Nichols, supervisors, the county attorney, and county accountant discussed the correct way to properly and legally allow for this. The possibility of 25 new jobs in the county was mentioned.
MEMA Coordinator Tony Norwood informed the board that Lawrence County has fully moved to and is now utilizing the Mississippi Wireless Information Network, whose website says that it is “[Mississippi’s] premier public safety radio communication platform.”
Norwood noted that the non-working sirens at Arm and Oma have been looked at and asked the board if they want them repaired. The board assured him that they do want them repaired.
The board adjourned until July 6.

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