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Val Cummings

On Jan. 13, 2024, Val Cummings passed peacefully at the age of 74 after having suffered a stroke on New Year’s Day.

Val was born at home on April 14, 1949, in Sontag. By all standards, she led a rich and full life. She was a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She was also an assistant boot-legger, farmer, amateur veterinarian, blackjack dealer, holistic healer, fashion designer, carpenter, mechanic, plumber, painter, freelance cat rancher, and chef, among many other things.

Val had a sense of style that was reflected in everything around her. She believed that anything man’s hands had made could be improved with sequins and rhinestones.  A hole in a shirt or pants was a blank canvas that she could express herself with. She led a life that was full of light and colors. She saw potential in broken things to be made beautiful. She looked at people the same way. Her passion for beauty was only outdone by her passion for people. Never was a soul turned away that she would not try to help. Whether it was a stray animal or person, she always opened her home and her heart for both.

She demonstrated her love of God in the love she gave others. Her wish was that her remains be given to science. The last beautiful, broken thing she had she gave to others in hopes of helping her fellow man. Her life ended where it began in Sontag. It’s a beautiful and simple small town in the middle of nowhere. As beautiful as it is even today, something beautiful is missing and will be missed.

Val was preceded in death by her parents, Albert and Bessie Mae Douglas; her sister, Nellie; niece, Linda; and son, Eric.

She is survived by her brother, Howard. She gave birth to four boys but was mother to seven boys, Robert, Eric, David, Garry, Aaron, Scott, Brad, and one girl, Alicia. She was Gramma to 20 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren with another on the way.

A celebration of her life will be planned and announced at a later date.