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Ralph Cowart Rogers

Ralph Cowart Rogers passed away on Dec. 16, 2023, in Broken Arrow, Okla. Born on Sept. 10, 1952, in Monticello, Ralph was the youngest child of MT and Lelia Rogers, who preceded him in death. He spent his formative years on Fire Tower Road in Silver Creek, where his passion for nature, the stars, and the outdoors blossomed.

Ralph served as a forester on that same road for many years where he raised a family with his wife, Audrey. He became a familiar face to the community, often dressing as Smokey Bear in town parades, promoting fire safety and environmental awareness.

His life was deeply intertwined with the love and loss of his wife, Audrey Rogers, who passed away in 2015. After her passing, Ralph ventured beyond Mississippi, marking a significant change from a lifetime rooted in Mississippi (where he still felt was home).

A man of humble beginnings, Ralph was a quiet and intelligent individual, self-taught in the realm of computers – a skill that would become an integral part of his later life. Despite his understated nature, his wisdom and breadth of knowledge were remarkable. He was a true jack of all trades, mastering various skills throughout his life.

Ralph’s interests spanned from his love of gaming in the online roleplaying game EverQuest, which he enjoyed playing with his wife and son, to his fascination with science fiction and astronomy. “Dr. Who” was on TV at the very end. He spent many nights looking up at the stars and pondering the nature of our existence. He set up a server farm to help with SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) and often sat on the back porch talking about the universe, God, and our place in it.  His curiosity and passion for learning never ceased.

He leaves behind a legacy cherished by his children: Lottie Davis (Chris), Marsha Boyd (Marty), and Dan Rogers (Danica). Ralph’s presence in their lives will forever be treasured, as will his memory, by his grandchildren: Christina, Jessica, Lisa, Slade, Arianna, Sophia, and Austin. His legacy continues through three great-grandchildren, along with numerous nieces, nephews, relatives, and a vast network of friends who were touched by his kindness and wisdom.

Ralph Cowart Rogers will be remembered for his dedication to his family and the quiet strength that defined his character. His impact on the lives he touched will endure as a testament to a life well-lived and deeply cherished.