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Southern Pine encourages members to conserve energy

We all remember our parents saying, “Shut the door, you weren’t raised in a barn,” or “unless you pay the electric bill, don’t touch the thermostat,” or “turn that light off.” Now, more than ever, we need to follow the lessons of our parents during the summer heat of Mississippi.
With more family members staying home during the summer, costs can rise because of increased energy use. Southern Pine wants to help members keep the costs as low as possible by encouraging everyone to follow these simple tips:
Plug small appliances, computers, and electronics into power strips and turn off when not in use.
Always turn the lights off when you leave a room.
Use ceiling fans to cool rooms and help circulate air.
Set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home and turn it up when you’ll be away for the day.
Change air conditioner filters regularly and perform annual cleaning and maintenance on the air conditioner unit to keep it running efficiently.
Make sure all windows and doors are closed and properly sealed.
Block sunlight with windows and drapes to help keep your home cool.
Make sure you have adequate insulation and check for any drafts or leaks.
Cook outside. Grilling is an excellent way to save electricity costs and enjoy the summer evenings.
Curb daytime use of some appliances. Dishwashers and dryers can put out a lot of heat, so wait until after dark when temperatures are cooler to run them, so the air conditioner won’t have to compete.
Upgrade light bulbs to LED bulbs, which use less electricity. This can cut energy use for lighting by 75%. Lighting costs can account for up to 12% of your monthly energy usage.
Do full loads of laundry on cold. Using warm water rather than hot can cut a load’s energy use in half, using cold can save even more.
Air dry dishes to save energy costs during dishwashing cycles.
These are just a few ways that Southern Pine Electric encourages everyone to conserve and save energy and money.
For more information or questions, email, call 800-231-5240, or contact the local Southern Pine office.