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Monticello Pentecostal Church News

By Carolyn Keen

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32
We enjoyed our mid-week service like a breath of fresh air. Once the weekend is over and we get back into our rush-rush schedule, we become overwhelmed with things we must accomplish. At the beginning of our service, the ensemble led us in “I Am Nothing Without Christ,” followed by “Nobody But You Lord” and “Teach Me to Climb.”
We greatly enjoyed having with us Bro. John and Sis. Becky Fuller. Sis. Becky shared a great testimony, after which Bro. Fuller sang “Where Did the Wind Blow?” Bro. Fuller ministered to us in a message entitled “When The Master Says That’s Enough.” Sometimes when we are in trouble, we need to think things through. At times, we make up our minds to focus on the winds and lose our relationship with God. Our main objective is to keep a close relationship with the Master.
The worship team led us in “We’ve All Come Together to Praise the Name of the Lord” and “Lord, Lord, Lord You’ve Been Blessing Me” as we began our service Sunday morning. Bro. Curtis Lambert sang “I’ve Never Walked Alone.”
Bro. Hilton preached an awesome message from Matthew 28:1, Matthew 28:5-6, and Matthew 28:9-10, entitled “No Power Will Hold Us Back.” Fear is a weapon in the hands of the enemy. We must remain in the place we need to be in God. Christ is no longer in the grave; we can still take advantage of the resurrection.
Our evening service began with our ensemble singing “Blessed Be Your Name.”
Sis. Raley Keen shared a testimony with us. She has been involved in Hopecorps classes for several months. Hopecorps is a ministry, and Sis. Raley had the opportunity last week to travel with other members of this organization to Roatan, which is an island near Honduras. The young people who participated in this mission had the opportunity to do an outreach effort on a door-to-door basis. They also attended church services, where they made one-on-one contact to encourage the attendants. Much more effort was put into this mission trip, and we appreciate everything that Sis. Raley and the other members of this group did to win souls and minister to the needs of those in Roatan.
Our worship team sang “He’ll Take Us Through the Fire Again.”
Bro. Chris Keen brought the message from Deuteronomy 9:1-5, entitled “God Will Keep His Word.” Many elders who prayed for our church have now gone on to their reward. Their prayers have established a foundation for our church and will be effective in future revivals of souls. Current prayer warriors will also have a part in our stability. The ensemble closed our service with “There’s Gonna Be a Revival in This Land.”
We take needs to the Lord this week for Sis. Marie Hilton, Sis. Kathy Thames, Bro. Billy Campbell, Rankin Faler, Sis. Johnnie Bell Boyd, Sis. Pat King, Bro. George King, and many unspoken requests.