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Divide News

By Kelsey Lambert

Praise the Lord from Divide!
Though the rain may have been falling this Sunday, those who gathered at Divide came ready to worship.
We have had a week of both joy and sadness at Divide. On Saturday afternoon, we celebrated with Brandi Conley Beard as the WMS hosted a baby shower in her honor. We look forward to welcoming her baby boy.
Saturday evening, we were saddened by the passing of Jimmy Boyd, a member of Divide and a part of both our church and community. Please remember his family in the days and weeks ahead during this difficult time. May God grant them the peace that only He can provide.
As we gathered for our Sunday morning service, we wished Donna Upton “Happy Birthday” for the week.
Hymns for the morning were “Jesus Is All the World to Me,” “‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus,” and “It Is Well with My Soul.” The praise song for the morning was “Here I Am to Worship.” For special music, Genie Powell blessed us with “Where Could I Go But to the Lord.”
Kathy Calhoun brought the children’s story for the morning. She showed the children an ice cube tray and explained that we have to have patience when we make ice cubes, as it takes time for them to freeze. Patience is a quality that God wants each of us to have.
Bro. Matt’s message for the morning was entitled “Good News for Hard Times,” with scripture from Acts 9:32-43. Living in obedience to God does not mean that we won’t experience hard times, but it does mean we won’t go through them alone. Acts 9 records the stories of the healings of Aeneas and Dorcas. These healings were not so much about the individuals themselves as the many people who turned to God as a result. God will show up in every situation in His way and His time. He has a purpose for all that happens to us. God can use our difficulties to help others if we remain faithful to Him.
Sunday evening, many of our youth and some of our adults left for a full week of learning and fun at the annual Mississippi Bible Camp in Collins. We pray for each of those at camp, that they will grow closer to God through the services and events of the week.
Our Summer Revival is set to begin Sunday, July 25, with Evangelist Rev. Dale Freed. Services will be held July 25-28. We pray for these services and invite you to join us.
We continue to have many serious needs in our church and community. Please remember the following this week when you pray: the Pat King family, Bible Camp attendees, unspoken requests, the Charles Barnett family, the Willard Barnett family, the Jimmy Boyd family, Tony Brister, Miranda Cothern, Rankin Faler and family, Logan Fuller, the Phil Hodges family, Royce Hobgood, the Pete Reid family, Cindy Renfroe, Donnie Stewart, Barbara Mason, and Ruth Spence.
Love and prayers ‘til next time!