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Rod Paige Middle School announces 2020-2021 Homecoming Court

Rod Paige Middle School Homecoming Maids are elected by their grade-level peers. The maids will be presented at a Homecoming Coronation Ceremony on May 12. In addition, one eighth grade maid will be named the 2020-2021 Homecoming Queen. Maids are (front row, from left) Faith Grantham, seventh grade; Gelya “GG” Sanders, eighth grade; Laicie Bridges, eighth grade; Violet Daniels, eighth grade; Kimora Peyton, seventh grade; (back row) Taylor Berard, sixth grade; Madelynn Lambert, sixth grade; Kylee McLeod, fifth grade; and Skylar Russell, fifth grade.

Each Rod Paige Middle School Homecoming Maid chooses a male student from her grade to escort her during the Homecoming Coronation Ceremony. Both the maids and chosen escorts had to meet qualifications based on academic grades and discipline records. Escorts are (front row, from left) Alvin Peyton Jr., eighth grade; Jeremy Pittman, eighth grade; Jacobee Zeigler, eighth grade; (back row) Kobe Taylor, seventh grade; Ryder Hill, fifth grade; Devin Young, seventh grade; Hagan Evans, sixth grade; Manny Conerly, sixth grade; and Mac Taylor, fifth grade.