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Chalkboard Ch@t education podcast empowers teaching and learning potential of parents, educators, and students

Mississippi Public Broadcasting recently launched Chalkboard Ch@t – a new education podcast for parents/guardians, educators, students, education entities, and other community stakeholders. Chalkboard Ch@t offers information and resources on a variety of topics associated with educating Mississippi’s children and adults. Topics include digital learning to the digital divide, concerns of students, teachers, and parents, as well as workforce and career readiness issues.
Podcast hosts are MPB Education Director Tara Y. Wren and Project Specialist Germaine Flood. To listen, simply download the podcast via your favorite podcast app or visit Look for new episodes each Friday.
“The main goal of Chalkboard Ch@t is to have meaningful conversations that direct Mississippians to ‘right-now’ resources, tools, tips, and strategies that will propel them to navigate through the evolving education ecosystem,” Wren said.
“As the host of this podcast, my main goal is to help guide our conversations by connecting the dots across all of our departments here at MPB to emerging trends in education,” said Flood. “I want to take a holistic approach in providing information that takes a look at education and learning as a whole and not just in the classroom. The world is our teacher and learning outside of the classroom is as equally important as education that takes place inside of the classroom.”