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Monticello youth sports going strong

Ryan Wilson reported to the Monticello Town Board Monday night that all youth activities are doing well at the sportsplex.
Wilson reported that baseball and softball programs went well once they got started this year. The process was delayed because of COVID-19.
Wilson also told board members that soccer and football seasons are starting, and a fall “sandlot” baseball league is being tried as an experiment this year. He said participation in the fall baseball league is strong and is helping to get more players involved in the program.
Wilson said parents are getting involved, and there is much unity in the programs right now. He said the soccer program is at capacity for the fall.
Mayor Martha Watts and aldermen gave Wilson credit for selling sponsorships and advertising for the program, and for increasing the profitability of the concession stand.
Later in the meeting, board members discussed a pay increase for Wilson and a change of title. He is currently baseball commissioner but has handled many other responsibilities that a parks and recreation director would normally handle. Aldermen settled on monthly pay increasing from $300 per month to $700 if Wilson would agree to the responsibilities. Previously, the parks and recreation director has been paid $1,000 but has also had responsibility for the softball program.

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