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Tab for storm debris removal tops $1.5 million

Lawrence County Supervisors heard an update Monday on storm debris removal related to two spring storms that passed through Lawrence County.
County Engineer Jeff Dungan told board members the cleanup in the southern part of the county from the Easter storm is done except for the punch list and ash from the burn sites will be hauled away next week.
Cleanup in the northern part of the county is starting to wind down and 98,500 cubic yards of debris, as well as 4,000 trees, have been hauled away. The storm in the northern part of the county was the result of straight-line winds. Seventy-five percent of the damage was east of the Pearl River in District Four, and 25% was west of the river in District Two.
Cost estimates for the cleanup was approximately $1.8 million and so far, the tally has reached $1.6 million. Additionally, there are $100,000 in estimated damages to roads in the southern part of the county because of hauling debris. Estimates on road damage on the northern project will come soon. Federal and state funds will pay the bulk of the cleanup and road repair costs.
Dungan also informed supervisors that the county received an additional $163,000 from a $24 million state-aid bridge repair package passed by the Legislature this year. Those funds bring money available for bridge repair in the county to nearly $1 million. Dungan said three remaining sub-standard bridges in the county will cost approximately $800,000, and the remainder of the funds can be used to improve county road culverts.
Plans are in the process of being organized for a road reseal project in the county.
Dungan also discussed the need for expansion of the county’s rubbish dump and a proposed project to upgrade the road into Lake Mary Crawford before it reopens to use.

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