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Oma farmers market provides fresh produce and training

Ms. Broomfield

Tricia Broomfield and Jean Showers

On Aug. 14, Booker T. Woodard, founder of Booker Community Nutrition, set up a farmers market at The Place in Oma, with fresh produce from Booker Community Nutrition Garden. The produce included watermelons, bell peppers, squash, eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes. Woodard held an education and training session on fresh produce with an emphasis on cleaning, washing, and processing to showcase in the market.
Woodard also facilitated an empowerment, information, and education discussion on the question “Why are you cleaning and washing the produce?” He made the point that the produce coming from the garden, field, or a farmer needs to be cleaned and washed to get a good price at the market.
He explained that when you buy produce from a field, garden, or farmer, the price is less. A farmers market creates jobs and is a good economic tool. The Oma community’s support for a farmers market grew with two newcomers from the Broomfield family – mother and daughter.