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Co-Lin Workforce Education to offer training through new ReSkillMS program

In a recent announcement made by Gov. Tate Reeves, the ReSkillMS program was introduced as the newest program designed to help individuals adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic find jobs and also support employers who want to hire and train new employees on the job. The state legislature appropriated $55 million of the $1.25 billion received in federal funds through the CARES Act to fund ReSkillMS to train individuals for good-paying jobs that are in high demand.
Copiah-Lincoln Community College Workforce Education will offer short-term training through the ReSkillMS program, which will be free of tuition fees until mid-December 2020. While the training is free of charge, attendance will be required, and a supply fee may apply, depending on the program. Areas of training include: Emergency Medical First Responder Certification, Welding, Certified Nurse Assistant Training, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, Forklift Certification, Emergency Medical Technician, First Aid/CPR, Drone Operation, Entrepreneurial Business Certification, Google Classroom (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced), Basic Technology for Educators, Supervisor Training: Safely navigating social diversity caused by COVID-19 pandemic impacts, and Microsoft Applications for Educators. Those interested in learning more about the available programs should visit
The ReskillMS initiative not only gives our state’s workforce the opportunity to reskill and recover from economic damages, it gives state employers a helping hand as well. According to the Mississippi Economic Counsel, “Employers willing to hire and train individuals in the workplace are eligible to be reimbursed for up to 75% of the individual’s wages during the training period. The program requires a minimum fair wage threshold of $15-per-hour for employers to be eligible for reimbursements.”
Dates for training will be made available as soon as possible. Interested participants should check the training calendar at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @clcc_workforce to stay up-to-date on training dates.
Additionally, Co-Lin is offering support services in order to match job seekers with employers. A socially distanced job fair will be held Aug. 17 on the Wesson campus. Those interested should visit Both employers and job seekers are encouraged to register for this event. There is also an online option where individuals looking for employment can submit job applications. The Co-Lin CareerCoach job board serves as a venue for district and regional employers to list job openings allowing both parties to safely connect. The public is welcome to create an account and apply for jobs at