Sheriff Warns of New Telephone Scam Tactics Affecting Local Citizens

Sheriff Lessie Butler reported at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting that there is a new round of telephone scams going on, that involve the use of voices that sound like loved ones in order to take money from vunerable individuals.
A local resident received a phone call that sounded like his grandson telling him he was in dire need and needed to get out of jail in Virginia.
The man sent over $900. Later, another call was received, that the grandson had been in a wreck and needed more money. After sending money and then calling his daughter, the man found out the grandson, who lived in Texas, had never left the state and was still in school at Texas A&M.
Butler said telephone scammers are changing tactics finding ways to create urgency involving a family member. Butler warns citizens not to respond to these type of calls. Most want the money on prepaid cards or on computer apps that cannot be traced or recovered.