A Lifesaving Warning

On Thursday, local law enforcement and emergency services came together to produce a realistic “mock crash” program for the students of Lawrence County High School. The program was designed to educate the students on the dangers of drinking and driving and ignoring other safety rules of the road. LCHS students served as actors in the simulation, adding a personal touch to the program. Above, LCHS students display the scene of the crash, complete with the “impaired” driver and other victims of the crash, whose injuries ranged from minor to fatal. Below, medical professionals prepare to load a “victim” of the crash into a helicopter to be airlifted to a hospital, as his injuries were deemed too serious for ambulance transport. A complete cast of law enforcement, fire and medical personnel, students arriving at the scene of the crash and a distraught mother added to the realism of the scene. After the skit presentation, real-life impaired driving accident victim Richard Stafford, who became wheelchair-bound after his accident, spoke to the students about his experiences.